Spotify vs Apple Music: A Comprehensive Comparison

Spotify vs Apple Music

Music is awesome, and today, we’re talking about two big players in the music streaming game, Spotify vs Apple Music. They both offer a bunch of tunes, but they have their special flavors. So, let’s dive into it step by step.

Spotify and Apple Music have gained popularity as top music streaming apps. Many folks face a dilemma when switching to another music service. They wonder which one to pick between these two. Our detailed comparison is here to guide you in finding the app that suits you best. So, keep reading to learn more!

Spotify vs Apple Music iTunes

Think of Spotify as a gigantic music library with over 70 million songs. It’s like having every type of music at your fingertips. Apple Music isn’t far behind, with more than 75 million songs. So, both have plenty of jams to keep your ears happy.

Last year, Spotify Hifi introduced some exciting plans for its users, but we haven’t heard any updates about when they’ll be available. Meanwhile, Apple Music provides music streaming without any additional charges. Recently, Apple Music introduced live performances, which enhance the Music Sessions experience for everyone. If interested, you can enjoy Apple Music Library for free for six months.

Pricing Plans

The pricing is pretty much the same for both Spotify vs Apple Music streaming music apps. The main distinction lies in Spotify’s offering of a free plan, which allows users to enjoy music without cost. However, those who opt for the free plan might encounter interruptions from the app’s recorded advertisements. If a free user decides to switch to the Premium plan, they can say goodbye to these ads within the app. If you prefer not to spend money on listening to music albums, sticking with Spotify is the way to go since Apple Music doesn’t currently offer free options.

Spotify has another cool option called the Premium Duo package, which allows two people to use it simultaneously. Plus, it cleverly organizes playlists according to your listening habits. Now, with Apple Music, you’ll need to start by signing up for a monthly plan and then register for annual billing in your account settings. It might seem a bit complicated, but it’s worth it in terms of value for your money in every way.

  • Apple Music begins at $9.99 monthly, while Spotify provides a free version with ads. 
  • If you want offline music streaming, both Apple Music and Spotify offer it at the same price of $9.99 per month.
  • Apple Music charges $5.99 monthly for students, while Spotify offers a similar service for $4.99 monthly.
  • However, Apple Music doesn’t have the Duo Household feature, which is available on Spotify for $12.99 monthly.
  • If you need a family plan, Apple Music offers one for six accounts at $14.99 monthly, while Spotify’s equivalent is priced at $15.99 monthly.

Library of Music

Spotify vs Apple Music streaming apps boast huge music libraries, and that’s a big part of why people worldwide love them both. Apple Music offers a whopping 90+ million songs, while Spotify has a still-impressive 70+ million. What sets Apple Music apart is its dedicated podcasting services that deliver pure music tracks, making it the clear champion in the library category.

But Apple Music has taken a different path by shifting its attention away from album releases and giving more attention to streaming apps. Apple’s Executive Chairperson, Jimmy, mentioned, “The labels don’t seem to like it.” On the other hand, if you look at Spotify, its content primarily revolves around podcasts, creating an overlap between the two services.

Podcasts Spotify vs Apple Music

If you’re into podcasts, Spotify is a big player. They’ve got loads of podcasts, including some exclusive ones. Apple Music has podcasts, too, but not as many.

Sharing and Social Stuff

Spotify lets you make playlists with your friends and follow artists you love. It’s like having a musical buddy system. Apple Music doesn’t do as much of this social stuff.

Sound Quality Spotify vs Apple Music

In the past, Apple Music used tracks encoded at 256kbps in AAC format, similar to what you’d get when buying music from iTunes. However, things changed last year when Apple Music revamped its catalog. Now, they encode music files using ALAC, ranging from 16-bit/44.1kHz to 24-bit/192kHz, offering significantly better sound quality.

The Spotify app has three options for playing songs: 96kbps, 160kbps, and 320kbps. You must go for the Premium Subscription if you want better sound quality. On the other hand, Apple Music offers a lossless feature that outshines Spotify. When listening to music, you can feel the crisp sound and enhanced quality, especially when using speaker mode. However, it’s worth noting that the bandwidth might not be as robust if you’re using a Bluetooth connection, so it’s often best to opt for the normal mode for good-quality music. Apple takes the crown regarding higher-resolution support, making it the clear winner in this category.

Cloud-Based System Locker

Apple Music’s standout advantage is its iCloud Music Library. Premium subscribers can access their music libraries from anywhere they go. In contrast, with the Spotify app, you can enjoy music albums right within the app. However, a significant drawback reported by 1 out of 5 users is that it doesn’t function well during travel and lacks the option to upload tracks. In this regard, Apple takes the victory.

Playback Choices

Last year, Apple Music required every user to install iTunes, but thankfully, that’s no longer the case. Now, you can enjoy your favorite music in your browser while on the move. Spotify also lets you listen to music albums and playlists through a browser. In this aspect, there’s no clear winner; it’s a tie.


In recent years, both Spotify vs Apple Music have expanded their reach. Spotify now allows you to access music albums through game consoles. Additionally, Spotify introduced Car Thing, a device you install in your car to enjoy unlimited music albums while on the move. On the other hand, Apple Music provides a solution through Apple CarPlay, but it needs to be integrated into your car’s system. Moreover, Spotify works seamlessly with smartwatches and Google Wear OS wearables. Regarding compatibility with basic model speakers and headphones, Spotify takes the crown, as Apple Music’s lossless feature doesn’t work with them.

Music Collections and Content

When it comes to curated content in playlists, both Spotify vs Apple Music are pretty much neck and neck. You can expect personalized playlists from both of these streaming platforms. If you haven’t checked out some of the top songs in their libraries, Spotify vs Apple Music apps will kindly suggest music to explore. If a song doesn’t match your taste, they might not show it to you, or you can skip it. Apple Music’s Radio Station, Apple Music 1, gives you a global perspective with daily doses of new music worldwide. On the other hand, Spotify’s offerings are a bit more limited, focusing on regular playlists with specific themes, tastes, and genres. There’s no clear winner here in the realm of curated content; it’s a tie.

Customer Support

A key factor driving users to switch from Spotify vs Apple Music is the ability to connect their social media accounts. Spotify makes it a breeze to share your music content on platforms like Facebook, Instagram Stories, and more. Plus, if you have QR codes, you can effortlessly share music via any messaging app at no extra charge. Apple Music, in comparison, falls a bit short in this area. They allow you to share music albums only with other users through Airdrop, and their social media integration is rather basic, lacking the enriched features of Spotify. So, in this aspect, Spotify takes the crown as the winner.


Spotify took the lead in design and usability in the early releases. However, after Apple Music underwent a redesign with iOS 10, they’ve come much closer to Spotify regarding many features. Both music streaming applications now offer an easy-to-use interface, straightforward graphics, swift page navigation, and several handy features. They’ve introduced special buttons that make it easy for modern users to access their music libraries while on the move quickly. Apple Music’s app page looks light and bright with contrasting text, while Spotify opts for a grey color scheme with neon green accents.

Affordability Features of Spotify vs Apple Music

If you’re considering paying for streaming music, Spotify’s application is an option, but you’ll need to put up with those pesky ads. On the other hand, Apple Music extends a generous offer to new users, granting them three months of free subscription, after which you’ll need to subscribe to enjoy unlimited music albums. Apple Music and Spotify Premium offer a monthly plan priced at $9.99 for a single account. However, Spotify also has a Duo Plan, which comes at $12.99, perfect for you and your partner. 

Here’s the kicker: Apple Music now throws in spatial and lossless audio at no extra cost. So, you get more with Apple Music for the same price as Spotify Premium. Of course, it’s a good option if you’re content with Spotify’s free plan. But if you’re ready to invest in listening to music albums, Apple Music is the better choice.


It would be an exaggeration to claim that one music streaming application is superior. In terms of features, both apps are quite evenly matched. The real distinction comes down to the amount of content they offer and how well it aligns with your preferences. Your interests play a crucial role here. I trust that this in-depth analysis will assist you in determining which music streaming platform aligns with your content preferences.

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